Welcome to Can Dogs Eat This!


Our Sally was very ill after eating acorns – that’s why we started Can Dogs Eat This.

Hey there, I am Charlotte Moore, founder of CDET.

As you are probably aware, there is a lot of advice all over the Internet on what to feed your dog, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming on what to follow.

However, you are in the right place. Looking after your dog the right way is actually easier than you think.

​Here at Can Dogs Eat This, my team and I break down all the complex dog food information out there and try to give you the most important details that you actually need to know.

Why you should follow Can Dogs Eat This

You can read more on my story of how and why I started CDET here. My goal is to bring honest, genuine, actionable dog food health advice to as many owners as possible.

(Believe me, after seeing my own beloved pooch fall very ill by eating the wrong food, it is an experience I do not want anyone else to go through.)

So to break what we have tried to achieve; CDET is for people who want to:

  • Understand their dog’s dietary needs
  • Understand their dog’s behaviour
  • Want their dogs to live longer
  • Simply love dogs and love reading about the wonderful things they can do.

We cover all sorts of topics related to these goals. Some examples of things we talk about include:

  • ​The pros and cons of commercial dog foods
  • What human foods are safe for dogs to eat
  • Healthy natural dog food recipes
  • Raw food diets for your dog
  • Reading the behavioural signs of your dog
  • Noticing the tell-tale signs of any health issues
  • Dog Hygiene
  • Canine Digestive health
  • We also have room for fun stuff, such as amazing real-life stories of the animals that we love.

How to use the site

You can find some of our latest content on our home page. We also review many of the best dog related products on the market in our reviews section.

The rest of the site is broken up into 4 main parts:

  1. Human Foods & Your Dog
  2. Dog Health Issues
  3. Dog Behavioural Articles
  4. The Fun Section – Amazing true-life dog stories, pictures and more

To get started, here is a selection of our articles that will help you get the most out of Can Dogs Eat This, whatever your goal may be:

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