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Any dog owner will tell you just how important a dog is in the lives of the family; well for a start they become a fully fledged member. For over 14,000 years humans and dogs have had a special relationship and their place in our homes has never been stronger.

As this rather wonderful chart shows us, not only do dogs bring health benefits to us humans, we alter our lives in more ways than one to make sure our dogs are happy. Its very a much a two way street – we love them just as much as they love us. And long may that continue…


The importance of dogs in our lives



Dogs provide companionship like no other animal can. They can be a comfort to people that are feeling lonely or depressed, and often give humans a sense of purpose when they care for their animal companions.

Even for those that are not feeling this way, a dog provides companionship beyond the level of most human to human relationships. The unrequited love that we receive from our dogs, is something entirely joyful and unique. For this fact alone, dogs are a very important part of our lives.

Stress Reduction and Health Benefits


As the chart above demonstrates, dogs can help reduce stress levels in human beings and reduce our blood pressure. In fact dogs are often used for therapeutic purposes in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices.

There is also the exercise benefits of having a dog. When we play with our furry companions, taking them for walks or running / cycling alongside them, we are increase our fitness, health and well-being.

Service Animals


Some people couldn’t actually get by without the help of their service dog. Service, assistance or therapy animals fundamentally increase the quality of life for disabled individuals. Trained animal companions are able to help with daily activities, giving such people far greater independence than they otherwise would have.

There are also search-and-rescue dogs of course – they literally save human lives for a living.



Dogs can help secure our homes and keep our families safe. Trained watchdogs protect people and premises, providing a high degree of security.

Even the smallest of hounds offers a level of protection by alerting their owners to the presence of others.

There are also the specially trained police dogs or canines employed by the government. They help uphold the law by sniffing out contraband in places likes airports and large public venues to ensure public security, or assist soldiers on the frontline of international conflict.

Teaching Responsibility


Finally, many families benefit from having a dog in the home as it helps teach responsibility to their children. Kids learn valuable traits and life skills through their positive interaction with the family dog. Children are also learn from taking an active role in feeding, walking, training and grooming their pet.

Children learn the value of treating all living things with respect and dignity when they have the opportunity care for and love a family dog.

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