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Every now and then on Can Dogs Eat This I want to get away from the serious side of dog ownership and safety issues on what you can or cannot feed your dog, and lighten things up a bit.

To this end I have been playing with Photoshop and have created a few doggie posters. Basically I am merging my favorite things: dogs, music and film.

When I have time, I will continue this series and add more photographs. It was actually a lot of fun. Good practice for me too, being a complete newbie to the software. Enjoy.

can dogs eat this - nevermind poster

One of my favorite albums – doggie pimped

can dogs eat this - the shining

Here’s Johnny!!

Can dogs eat this - dog posters

I want to add to the above with my own ideas. However, now follows a bunch of dog poster mashups courtesy of Empire Online.

(Click on image to enlarge)