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Can Dogs Eat Turkey? It is a succulent meat they we all enjoy, and come thanks giving there is an abundance of the meat. It seems unfair that we would sit there chomping our way through turkey goodness with out offering any to our dog.

Well the good news is we can. Sliced off the bone, cooked turkey meat is perfectly okay for dogs to eat. However, watch those flavorings and do not give your dog the bone. This can splinter and cause all manner of issues for your pet.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey โ€“ Any Benefits

Like all meats, turkey is a good source of protein. In fact many premium dog food blends use turkey as an ingredient, for this very reason. So too will dry dog food products, processed and ground-down turkey meat finds its way into many dog food options.

Turkey also has great nutritional benefits. Stacked with vitamin B, a serving of turkey meat can account for a high percentage of your dogs daily intake of Vitamin B3 (or niacin) which plays a critical role in helping breakdown fats in the body.

Turkey also contains vitamin B6, which helps maintain steady blood sugar levels in dogs, (and humans alike).

thanks giving turkey

Can Dogs Eat Turkey โ€“ Any Precautions?

If serving up turkey from your plate at thanks giving, (or any time for that matter), you have to watch out for the flavorings. If the meat has been roasting with onions or garlic, or even just come into contact with such, you should avoid giving it to your dog. Onions are toxic to dogs; garlic and other spicy type ingredients are also problematic. Allergic reactions are common.

Avoid giving the turkey skin to your dog as this is very fatty. As too of course is the fatty rind of the meat.

And do not give cooked turkey bone to your dog under any circumstances. This can splinter and cause internal bleeding, digestive issues, stomach perforation and other terrible conditions. Just think what it would be like to swallow a shard of glass and you will get the idea.

Top Tip: If you want to give your dog turkey, one of the best ways of doing so and ensuring they do not eat any bone, is to cut slices of the meat yourself. Using an electric carving knife is the best way to go about this. You have greater control of the thickness of the slices, and you can work around the bone so that your pooch comes to no harm.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey โ€“ Bottom Line

Returning to the subject of whether you should feed your dog turkey meant for human consumption, the answer is yes of course. Delicious cooked turkey meat that is uncontaminated by flavoring and removed from the bone will be a wonderful treat for your dog. High in protein and vitamin B6, it is also very beneficial.

Take heed of the various caveats we have already mentioned, and you will have a very happy dog.