Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potato?

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Unlike normal white potatoes that dogs should generally avoid, sweet potato is okay for your dog to eat.

Again the caveat of moderation applies, however sweet potatoes contain enough nutrients that are good for canines, making it a cheap and viable addition to their normal healthy dog food diet..

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Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potato – Any Benefits?

Sweet potatoes are good source of dietary fibre. Surprisingly they also contain a high amount of vitamin C, as well as Vitamin B6 and compounds such as beta carotene and manganese.

So what do all these vitamins and minerals mean for your dog? Well by eating sweet potatoes as an addition to their normal diet, you are in fact helping boost their immune system. Dietary fibre is beneficial to your dog’s digestive system, and beta carotene plays an important part in the reduction of free radicals – as we have covered elsewhere on Can Dogs Eat This, neutralizing free radicals in the body can help reduce the risk of cancer, (both humans and dogs benefit in the same way on this).

As a cheap nutritional treat, sweet potato is a great type of dog food.

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potato – The Precautions

It is best not to feed your dog raw sweet potato. Cooked potato is actually easier for your dog to digest, (assuming it is not too hot) and they will be able to absorb the dietary fiber much more efficiently.

And do not feed your dog too much sweet potato. As we state, it is ideal as a small healthy snack, or as an addition to their normal healthy dog food diet. For all its goodness, sweet potato is also high in carbohydrates and sugar which in the short term (if too much is had in one sitting) can cause upset stomach and diarrhea. Over the long term, these elements can lead to obesity in dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Sweet Potato – Bottom Line

A good type of dog food when used as a treat, sweet potato is high in essential vitamins and minerals. The fibre will also help bind your dog, leading to a healthier digestive system and intestinal tract.

Too much sweet potato over an extended period of time could lead to obesity in your poor dog, so be warned.