Can Dogs Eat Plums?

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Can dogs eat plums? On the face of it you would think yes, plum is a succulent fruit with proven nutritional benefits. For us humans a plum is a great source of vitamin C, iron and essential anti-oxidants. How does all of this plum goodness translate to doggie consumption?

Well the fact is a dog can eat plums. However, if you have read some of the other fruit based articles on this site you will be aware of the pit situation. Plum pit, like apple and pear and other seed based fruits is dangerous to dogs. By all accounts your dog should not eat it.

Can Dogs Eat Plums – Any Benefits?

As we have already mentioned, the juicy part of a plum is good for dogs to eat. Plum is high in vitamin C, iron and antioxidant qualities are said to help combat free-radicals. In short, plums along with other anti-oxidant fruits can help reduce the risk of dog getting diseases such as cancer.

A little bit of plum fruit (removed from the pit) is therefore good for your dog. Ideal as a little treat, or chopped on top of normal dog food if you prefer.

Can Dogs Eat Plums – The Precautions

Plum pit contains cyanide, which is toxic to dogs. However, your dog will have to consume a lot of plum pit (and crunch it to release the cyanide) for the toxicity to occur. Nonetheless, it is a situation you should not risk.

A more common hazard of allowing your dog to eat plums is the fact the pit can cause an obstruction, either in the throat while he tries to swallow, or cause an intestinal blockage if it travels far enough. Both outcomes you naturally would want to avoid.

Another problem regarding plums is the fact your dog can often have easy access to them. Many gardens grow plums as they are an easy fruit to cultivate. If you find yourself at a location where plum trees are grown, be wary. Depending on the time of year, there could be lots of plums on the ground for your dog to eat. Certainly not a healthy dog food treat, if you are unable to control which part of the plum your dog eats.

And if you grow plum trees yourself, you might want to put a fence around them.

Can Dogs Eat Plums – Bottom Line

If you are able to control the amount your dog eats, (ie in moderation) and what part of the fruit, (ie the juicy fruity part), plum is more than fine for your dog to consume.

But take heed of the various precautions, because uncontrolled amounts of the pit is seriously damaging to a dog’s health.