Can Dogs Eat Peas?

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Can Dogs Eat Peas? On the face of it you would think yes they can. Haven’t we been told since we were little children that ‘you should always eat your greens’. Vegetables are good for us – surely the same accounts for our dogs? Well, I am pleased to say it does.

Not only can dogs eat peas, they happen to be damn good for them too.

Can Dogs Eat Peas – The Benefits

Peas are full of goodness. High in fibre, they also contain lots of vital vitamins and minerals. These include Potassium, Thiamin, and Phosphorous as well as stacks of vitamin E.

The benefits of these include healthy cell renewal, bone strength and helping in the fight against free radicals in the blood stream. Potassium is particularly beneficial for a healthy heart too, (in both humans and dogs).

That high fiber count also aids healthy bowel movement, helping your dog to be nice and regular.

Some experts have also connected elements such as lutein and zeaxanthin, (both of which can be found in peas) to be connected to healthy eyes. They are both extremely potent anti-oxidants, and these elements find their way into the biological structure of the eye. If your dog is aging and has the onset of cataracts, a little extra pea in his diet may well help.

can dogs eat peas

Can Dogs Eat Peas – Preparation

Peas are also very versatile. An Owner can very easily add cooked peas to a dog’s meal. In fact, peas are also a popular choice as a binding ingredient for many dry dog foods.

To serve up peas to your dog, it is best to cook or puree them first. This helps to break it down so that nutrients are more easily absorbed when your dog digests them.

Having said that, crunchy raw peas can be beneficial in a different way, in that they are great way for your dog to keep their teeth clean, (raw carrot is also a good option).

Can Dogs Eat Peas – Any Precautions?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Moderation is key. Although peas are low in calories and contain the various goodness we’ve detailed above, too much of a one food type for a dog can and will be detrimental.

If you’re feeding your dog peas on a daily basis, and they account for a too higher portion of their diet, it will cause tummy upset.

Balanced nutrition is essential. A few cooked peas sprinkled in with your dog’s regular meal, or maybe some raw peas as a crunchy treat. Anything more than that and you run the risk of doggie diarrhea and other gastrointestinal complaints.