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We’ve all been there at breakfast at some point; sat down to a lovely plate of hot pancakes with the syrup, sugar and chocolate sauce on standby, and then along comes our dog with that look in his eye – so can we give in? Can dogs eat pancakes?

The short answer is yes, but it should not form a regular part of their dog food diet. Pancakes are actually quite high in fat, fried in oil and made from milk, flour and eggs these are ingredients that should not be given to our dogs excessively.

Can Dogs Eat Pancakes – Any Benefits?

The benefits of pancakes for dogs are minor. The biggest benefit is the fact they will often really enjoy the taste, and we feel good giving them something that we enjoy so much too. However, nutrition wise there is very little to be gained by giving pancakes to your dog. It is not a particularly healthy type of dog food.

can dogs eat pancake

Can Dogs Eat Pancakes – Any Precautions?

There are two main precautions on feeding your dog pancakes;

  • Bare in mind the moderation aspect. Give your dog a small amount as a treat, but leave it at that. It shouldn’t be a whole meal to them. Pancakes a high in carbohydrates and fats, too much in one sitting could lead to stomach bloat and indigestion. Pancakes as a consistent part of a dogs diet would actually make them overweight. (Head here for an interesting article on carbohydrates and dogs.)
  • Watch sugary the toppings – ideally, you should feed your dog only the pancake part of the dish. Syrup, sugar, ice-cream all the delicious toppings we like to smother on our pancakes, should not form part of the treat to your pet. (Blueberry and banana topped pancakes are okay however).

Can Dogs Eat Pancakes – Bottom Line

Back to those pancakes that we like to eat. If decide not to go for the specific doggie version above, a small amount without any sugary toppings is fine as a treat, but should be left at that. Keep the pancake feeding to a minimum.