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The good news is, dogs can eat cabbage. In fact not only is cabbage safe for dogs, it is a very healthy type of natural dog food.

You can also be safe in the knowledge that dogs can eat all types of cabbage (purple, savoy) with no problems at all. Well maybe just one issue; you might experience a rather nasty smell about the place afterwards. It seems cabbage induced farts can affect our dogs just as much as they can us.

Can dogs eat cabbage – The Benefits

Just as cabbage is beneficial to us humans with its antioxidant rich properties, canines can also benefit from eating this gas inducing vegetable, when added to their normal dog food diet.

Not only can cabbage aid with your dog’s digestion, is also good for the skin. Not only that, but as we have covered elsewhere on Can Dogs Eat This, foods with antioxidants help reduce free radicals in the blood that in turn assists in the prevention of diseases such as cancer.

Cabbage is also rich in vitamins and is helpful in keeping your dog’s gastrointestinal system in good working order.

can dogs eat cabbage

Can Dogs Eat Cabbage – Any Precautions?

As we all know, cabbage is a killer for instigating some serious wind. The same applies for our dogs.

To ensure that your pet doesn’t stink up the place with offensive flatulence after eating cabbage, it is a good idea to introduce the vegetable slowly, and in small amounts. Even if your dog seems quite tolerant to cabbage, it is never a good idea to feed too much in one sitting. As with all types of organic dog food, too much of a good thing can cause problems.

Cabbage is best served as an additional element to your dog’s meal, try chopping a little and sprinkling on top of his normal bowl of dry or wet dog food.

A reason to limit the amount of cabbage your dog eats, (apart from the potential smell) is the fact raw cabbage contains a natural compound called thiocyanate. Over time this compound can supress the thyroid gland and create hypothyroidism. (lightly cooking the cabbage before feeding it to you dog can help prevent these potential adverse effects – however, it must be remembered that a large amount of raw cabbage does need to be consumed over an extended period of time before the described condition would occur.)

Can dogs eat cabbage – bottom line

Definitely, dogs can eat cabbage, it can be used as healthy dog food. Just watch for the problematic wind and do not over feed them. As is always the case, moderation is the key.