Can Dogs Eat Beans?

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Can dogs eat beans? This all depends on what kind of beans you plan on giving your dog. There are all sorts of beans available. In fact beans are also known as legume or pulses, meaning the name opens up to include an enormous range of vegetables.

So which beans are safe for a dog to eat? Well to a degree, common sense can prevail here. For instance, green beans grown in your garden are a good source of healthy dog food. Whereas a cheap can of baked beans in tomato sauce are bad and should be avoided.

Can Dogs Eat Beans – Benefits

Legumes contain similar levels of calories to grains, however they normally have two to four times as much protein; (a reason why legumes play a large part in providing protein in a vegetarian’s diet). As we have said elsewhere on can dogs eat this – protein is an essential element of your dog’s diet.

Beyond protein, beans contain a rich array of nutrients that are vital for your doggies health. (Green and black beans are high in vitamins C, K and magnesium for instance.)

As stated above, green beans contain the most dietary value within the bean family. Raw green string beans can be an excellent treat for your dog, as most canines will crunch through these with pleasure. High in proteins, nutrients and minerals it is hard to find a healthier food snack.

Small red kidney beans have antioxidant properties, making them a good addition to your dog’s diet as it helps lower cholesterol. Dogs can eat red kidney beans as it also helps maintenance of the colon with better bowel movement.

So can dogs eat beans? Yes they can. Beans provide protein and other nutrients that they cannot necessarily get from a normal meaty diet. As is always the case, if you can provide variation in a way that does not upset your dog, then certain foods such as beans are very beneficial.

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Can Dogs eat beans – Precautions

The three main sorts of beans dogs cannot eat are baked beans, chili beans and more obviously coffee beans. (I for one would not want to see Sally (my dog) high on caffeine. She is a big enough energy bomb as it is). Furthermore, caffeine would upset any dog’s tummy and can be poisonous to them if given in too higher quantities.

The reason dogs should not eat baked beans is that they are high in sugar, (no good for diabetic dogs) and are covered in an unhealthy tomato sauce full of preservatives.

Chili beans on the other hand are too spicy for your dog’s tummy. They will only cause upset.

To many of the beans that are good for your dog can lead to gas. While this may be amusing to start with, chronic gas often brings on constipation for your dog and then of course discomfort.

Other precautions you should take if you grow your own beans, is to not let your dog sniff around the garden eating them. Not only is this a pain to you, the nutrients/chemicals you may spray your plants with, can be troublesome for your pet.

Any beans given to your dog to eat should be washed thoroughly.

And as a general rule, never give your dog too much of any food that is outside their normal diet.

Can dogs eat beans – Preparation

Dogs can eat green beans raw. As stated they are an ideal healthy snack or treat.

Lentils are good for dogs to eat. Being very alkaline they will not cause gas like some other beans.

Dried lentils can be given to your dog after being rinsed and cooked with a few cups of water. Store them in the fridge to cool and then add a couple of spoons of the lentils to your dog’s food at meal times.

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Can dogs eat beans? If you have any comments on your own experiences with feeding your dog beans please leave them below.