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Can dogs eat bananas? I am happy to report a resounding yes on this particular fruit. Dogs can eat bananas and they happen to be pretty good for them too. Served as a tasty treat, or interesting topping to their regular dog food. You can feed your dog a banana without worry of adverse effects.

Of course the issue of moderation is ever present. Feed your dog too many bananas and there can be problems. Read on below to find out what these are.

Can Dogs Eat Bananas – The Benefits

Bananas are in fact an excellent source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin C and soluble fiber. In humans it is believed that eating bananas can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, renal cell carcinoma and even breast cancer. (My wife and I chop one up as part of a muesli based smoothy every morning for these reasons.)

But what about our dogs? Do they benefit from eating bananas just as we do? The beneficial effects of the high vitamin and nutritional count, certainly do help canines as well.

The antacid effect helps your dogs digestive system, researchers have also found that fresh bananas help prevent bowl issues for dogs. Certain enzymes contained within the banana soothe irritated colons and slow spasms associated with bowel problems.

Bananas are also packed with natural sugars that give a dog a much needed energy boost, should they be feeling under the weather.

bananas for dogs

Bananas and Dogs – Any Precautions

Yes, once again you have to watch the amount of banana you feed your dog. While good in moderation, too much banana in a dog’s diet will take away those benefits.

Excessive banana can result in stool problems, fermentation of bacteria in the gut, adverse digestive issues and weight gain. The high potassium count can also end up being harmful.

No more than 5 bananas a week is advised.

And ensure that you peel the banana before serving it to your dog. Banana skin contains bacteria that may be problematic.

Can Dogs Eat Bananas – Preparation

Definitely peel the banana, and maybe slice the fruit if you have a small dog. (For larger dogs sliced banana can be used as a good training treat.)

Some owners like to give banana along with peanut butter, however as we have described else where on can dogs eat this, peanut butter is very fatty and high in salt and is a human food we would advise you avoid.

Bottom Line

Used as a tasty treat and/or an additional part to a normal healthy diet, bananas are definitely beneficial for your dog. Watch how much you serve up however, and ensure to peel the fruit first.