Can Dogs Eat Apples?

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Can dogs eat apples? The answer is yes, just as they are good for us humans, apples can also be a beneficial type of dog food.

There is one caveat however, (aside from the ever present warning about foods being fed in moderation) and that is your dog should not eat the apple core. The pips contain traces of cyanide and this of course is harmful to your pet.

Can Dogs Eat Apples – The Benefits

Apples are a delicious healthy treat for dogs. High in calcium, vitamin K, vitamin C and what is called pectin, (an easily soluble fibre), a small amount of apple definitely provides more than its weight in goodness as dog food.

The apple skin also has health benefits if consumed by canines. The skin contains plant chemicals such as phytonutrients, that are believed to be protective against types of cancer.

If your dog takes to the tastes of apples, it is certainly something that can be fed to them as a treat, or as an addition to their normal dog food.

Can Dogs Eat Apples – Any Precautions?

Well we already touched upon the main precaution in the intro to this article; dogs should not eat the apple core, as this contains pips and seeds that do in fact harbor traces of cyanide. (or more precisely, cyanogenic glycosides, a harmful natural by product that will cause issues for your dog.)

A few seeds may cause an upset tummy, however too many, or regular feeding over a period of time and your dog could very well end up with severe stomach ailments.

Also be careful of dried up apples. While they still contain all of the goodness of a ripe apple, they contain very little water, meaning the elements that can cause slight tummy upset are in a more concentrated form. Only little bits of dried apple should be offered at any one time.

can dogs eat applesauce

Can Dogs Eat Apples – Tips on Preparation

We have already covered how dogs can eat applesauce. A good way to use apples as part of a healthy dog food diet is to thoroughly mush it up after the core has been removed.

Other suggestions include, mushed up apple as a frozen slice, grated apple sprinkled over your dog’s meal for extra flavor and health benefits. Or just cut up into small chunks and offered as part of a dog training treat etc.

In each case, be sure to remove the core before feeding the apple to your pet.