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Can Dogs Eat Acorns? The answer is no they should not. Acorns can be dangerous to dogs and you would be wise to make sure your dog does not eat any.

So come autumn time it might mean getting out with the rake and clearing the garden. You would not want your beloved pooch to start chewing on the acorns and become ill.

Can Dogs Eat Acorn – Toxicity Levels

Dog should not eat acorns because they contain Gallontannin. This is a toxic acid that causes sickness in dogs. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramping. There have also been reports of dogs suffering from kidney failure after eating acorns.

The toxic acid is contained within the hard outer shell of acorns, so it is actually when the dog bites into it, that the substance is released like a juice.

Studies have suggested that if an animal eats enough acorns to be equivalent to 6% of its own body weight, the toxic effects of gallontannin will take place.

The actual lethal dose of acorns is uncertain, however it is known that a large amount of acorns would need to be eaten by a dog for death to occur.

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Can Dogs eat acorns – The Dangers

The toxic effect of acorns can be a worry to a dog Owners. It is hard to control what our dog decides to chew on when we are taking them for a nice long walk through the woods, and unfortunately the bitter taste of acorns will not always put them off eating them.

Larger dog breeds will be able to handle the effects better. Meaning if you catch them chewing through an acorn, you scold them and remove it from their mouths and you should have no cause for concern.

If they have eaten a few, you can expect mild stomach upset.

On the other hand, a smaller breed dog will not be able to tolerate the toxicity of acorns quite so well. If a small dog eats through too many acorns the effects are much more serious and hemorrhagic gastroenteritis might occur.

If your poor dog suffers from hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, they can end up vomiting alongside diarrhea containing blood. A very painful experience for your pet.

This will not cause death, however is very difficult to treat. The only way the dog will get better is by ridding itself of the toxic substance. This process naturally leads to chronic dehydration and severe discomfort.

can dogs eat acornsCan dogs eat acorns – swallowing concerns

Another concern for small dogs eating acorns is the fact the small nut can get stuck in their throat. If an acorn was to be lodged inside their throat, it could obviously stop them from breathing and cause death by choking.

Quite simply, dogs can not eat acorns. If you see your dog playing around with any acorns, remove them immediately. If you have an acorn tree in the garden, make sure you clean up any acorns that fall to the ground so that they present no danger to your dog.

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