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Puppies are cute, we all know that. But a puppy curled up into the space of a shoe, having a nap – the cuteness level in that little scenario is off the charts.

Just take a look at these 21 adorable puppies in shoes, (sneakers and slippers). Your toes will be curling they are that damn cute. The smell means nothing to these little dudes. They’ve just found themselves the cosiest little cubby hole and they are happy. You will be too after seeing these.

1. Sneaker Pimps

22 Of The Most Adorable Puppies In Shoes

Via Flickr: piariverolagarcia

2. A new meaning to Hush Puppy

22 Of The Most Adorable Puppies In Shoes 2

Via Flickr: ido

3. Popping out of the high tops

22 Of The Most Adorable Puppies In Shoes 3

Via Flickr: mibster

4. Never mind the smell, I need a nap

puppies in shoes

Via Flickr: clairebelles

5. A little on the large size

puppies shoes

Via Flickr: jamesseattle

6. Just too darn cute

puppy in shoes

Via Flickr: aceofnothing

7. Looking cosy in the slipper

puppy in the slippers

Via Flickr: joshandlarisacrawley

8. I know its in there somewhere

puppy sneakers

Via Flickr: mossyowls

9. Just Chillin’

puppy in a shoe

Via Flickr: taybird

10. A little badger

puppy in a trainer

Via Flickr: morristowne

11. A perfect fit

puppy cute in shoe

Via Flickr: katherine_lorin

12. The perfect pillow

puppy in shoes 3

Via Flickr: superlativeworld

13. “You’re not going anywhere in these shoes buddy.”

puppy dog in shoes

Via Flickr: superlativeworld

14. “They’ll never find me in here”

puppy in a sandal

Via Flickr: zoeandjohn

15. “It smells soooo goood”

puppy in a shoe 4

Via Flickr: 24241129@N05

16. “Okay, I’ll get out.”

puppy in a shoe sneakers

Via Flickr: coldwararchaeology

17. Clearly not sure about this

puppy in four slippers

via Tumblr

18. “Well I’m ready, how about you?”

pug-in-shoes very cute

via Barkpost

19. Lunch time


via 1funny

20. “The colour is so me!”

shoes and cute-puppies


21. “I can’t believe you’re doing this to me”

dog with slippers

Via Just Cute Animals