• dog flea treatments

    Flea Treatment for Dogs

    Aug 27 • 60 Views • No Comments

    There are countless products out there to treat dogs for fleas, however just purchasing a spray and expecting your dog to be flea free is not going to work. There is his environment to think about, and just how far have the fleas spread? Flea eggs can happily...

  • Mixed breed dig DNA testing

    The Dog DNA Test

    Aug 22 • 152 Views • No Comments

    Do you have a mixed breed dog? Are you often asked what type of dog you have, only to give a vague answer naming one breed, and then adding a couple of other breeds you think are also mixed in… To be honest, most of us would love to know exactly what mix of...

  • dog friendly hotel

    Pet Friendly Hotels – How to Find one and what to expect

    Aug 20 • 151 Views • No Comments

    Pet friendly hotels are cropping up everywhere these days, from Las Vegas to New York, Houston Texas to Portland Oregon – if you’re traveling around the U.S there are plenty of dog friendly hotels to choose from. In fact according to AAA’s guidebook...

  • can dogs eat ice cream

    Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream

    Aug 20 • 209 Views • No Comments

    Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream? It is summer, you’re out in the garden or down the local park eating ice cream, and your dog is panting away in the heat – can you give your dog a little ice cream treat? The answer is actually, ‘it depends’. As we shall see,...

  • plums-can dogs eat them

    Can Dogs Eat Plums?

    Aug 18 • 668 Views • No Comments

    Can dogs eat plums? On the face of it you would think yes, plum is a succulent fruit with proven nutritional benefits. For us humans a plum is a great source of vitamin C, iron and essential anti-oxidants. How does all of this plum goodness translate to...

  • Bandaged-dog - insurance

    Choosing the Right Dog Insurance

    Aug 15 • 186 Views • No Comments

    Owning a dog is as expensive as ever these days, with vet bills and the potential illnesses or accidents your dog may have – for most of us purchasing dog insurance really is a must. And owners are definitely realizing this. Over a million pets are insured...

  • Healthy Dog Food

    Healthy Dog Food – AAFCO tested Dog Food Recipes

    Aug 15 • 206 Views • No Comments

    Want to feed your dog healthy dog food, and are willing to create the dog food your self? Then take a look at this video to see how to go about it. Excellent dog food ingredients used here… Related Articles Why We Love Dogs So Much Can Dogs Eat Sweet...

  • can dogs sniff cancer featured

    Can Dogs Sniff Cancer?

    Aug 6 • 251 Views • No Comments

    Can dogs sniff cancer? This is the very interesting topic we are going to delve into today. The prospect of cancer sniffing dogs is an exciting one, and as we will see recent studies have concluded in the affirmative. Some dogs can detect certain types of...

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